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Tanfidh Management Consultants

Sultanate of Oman is a country of enormous diversity and natural beauty, with an enviable infrastructure securely in place, a wide range of local and international hotels, international airports, global businesses, as well as an array of beautiful places to see and interesting things to do. Oman is ready to offer its traditional hospitality to visitors coming from all around the world, whether for business or education. Due to all these essential drivers, Tanfidh directors have decided to invest into Consulting and Training.

As the Sultanate of Oman’s economy is rapidly growing, the investment policies and the development of tourism attractions will entail participants’ choice to combine business, education plans and sightseeing tours.

Tanfidh is an independent Omani based firm specialized in strategy management, Balanced Scorecard, Innovation and Human Resources. Tanfidh aims to provide its clients with top information and guidance meant to enhance their management capabilities and help them achieve their business objectives.

Tanfidh offers a wide range of training courses, as well as consulting and research services, completed by technology and automation guidance, through different partnerships. These services are meant for both private and public business off all sizes, and they are delivered by experiences multilingual consultants and trainers.

Tanfidh has signed up strategic partnerships with international companies which have positioned themselves as world leaders in the following fields:

  • Strategy Execution Process
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Competency Framework
  • Automation of Strategy Execution
  • Automation of Competencies

We aim to help the public and private organizations address their most challenging strategy execution issues by providing them with an integrated set of services designed to deliver tangible results and build internal capabilities.


Said Saif Al Harthy

Executive Director

Tanfidh Management Consultants

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