The Obstacles Which Can Hinder Strategy Execution

The Obstacles Which Can Hinder Strategy Execution

July 19, 2017
The Obstacles Which Can Hinder Strategy Execution

The execution of strategy is not a trivial part of managerial work; it defines the essence of that work. Execution is a key responsibility of all leaders, not something that “others” do or worry about.

Several obstacles have been identified by leaders worldwide but the following few samples have been suggested by best practice:

  1. Inability to manage change effectively and overcome resistance to change
  2. A poor or vague strategy
  3. Not having guidelines or a model to guide strategy-execution efforts
  4. Trying to execute a strategy that conflicts with the existing power structure
  5. Lack of alignment. Poor or inadequate information sharing between individuals or business units responsible for strategy execution
  6. Unclear communication of responsibility or accountability for execution decisions or actions
  7. Lack of feelings of ownership of a strategy or of execution steps or plans among key employees
  8. Lack of understanding of the role of organizational structure and design in the execution process

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